Our Services

Giant4 specialises in accelerating change through purposeful execution.  Our reputation is founded on our ability to manage complex environments where we deliver measurable and sustainable improvements and our clients get value for money.

Meeting these challenges is about how they are managed, how the associated risks are managed, and the execution. To execute well means a number of key factors need to be addressed:

  • A shared understanding – ensuring those who are participating in the change understand, ‘buy-in’ and ‘pull in the same direction’.
  • Effective governance and strong leadership – the ability to drive, manage and sustain change. This presupposes an integrated approach with strong support structure in place to steer the changes and manage risk.
  • Engage staff and build a strong dialogue – understand and recognise the important role that employees play in delivering improvement. Engage employees at the ‘ground level’ to make them active participants in change.
  • Effective partnerships – build strong partnerships with suppliers who are experienced in delivering change (and transformation) to assist in building long term capacity and capability.
  • Be willing to be innovative – encourage innovative thinking around ways services are delivered.
  • Exploit technology for long term value – technology alone is not a ‘means to an end’. Ensure maximum benefit can be derived from the process improvement.

Giant4’s expertise and skills can significantly enhance your organisations ability to achieve improved business outcomes at an accelerated rate.

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