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November 13th, 2013 by Daniel

Giant4 has always been innovative in our approach to business development of our clients and this requires an ongoing development of our products and services.  Directors Teri and Duncan have developed an approach to ensuring our clients are getting the best capabilities, focused on their sustainability into 2021 and beyond.

This new era of services and product provision includes Trier©.  This is a product that Giant4 applies as a rapid snapshot that sifts and separates core business challenges and issues to clarify the core problems and apply a process of determining a priority of actions based on the severity of the problems.  Trier© utilises Business Improvement Tools which our clients can use to build their Business Improvement Capabilities and improved understanding of existing business software packages.

This is just one of our new and refreshed products and services.  We will be bringing you updates on all our capabilities over the next few weeks

Please email us below for further information on how Giant4 can ensure your business is being what it is capable of being.