Giant4 aligns your goals and systems to improve core business and deliver measurable outcomes.

Giant4 is the consulting firm for post COVID-19 and beyond

Giant4 is a  company that focuses on improved outcomes for business .  Technology, people and process business initiatives are only successful when their impact can be felt in positive outcomes for  that  business.

The Giant4 team provides the expertise to enable you to realise practical potential and  then help you make it happen swiftly.

For every client, Giant4 drives to:

Be the trusted adviser.

Independence from vendors ensures that we focus on what’s best for the client.  We behave like a partner, only satisfied when the client has achieved the desired result.

Giant4 team is made up of people with real line workforce experience.  We only consult where we are confident we can deliver great outcomes.

Deliver the pragmatic solution.

The solution is always built on manageable and viable outcomes.

We have found initiatives that rely on technology do not have a good reputation.  Giant4’s real world experience means we look holistically at the systems, people, culture and processes to deliver all the solution facets needed to achieve the result.

Be Creative

Giant4 seeks to bring new ideas to the table.  We are not just focused on more technology but rather real  opportunities to  deliver a better, faster and risk free or low cost solution.

Demonstrate the value.

It’s all about measurable business outcomes.  Measure the outcome and measure the journey.

Building the link between strategy and solutions, the Giant4 team focuses on the business outcomes to be delivered and how they are to be achieved.  We provide transparency to senior management through a business based set of success measures for both the journey and destination.

This means that the end to end process can be controlled and managed – safe guarding the organisation’s return on investment.

This site provides more details on Giant4 and our approach in delivering results, or please contact us if you want to discuss your specific vision and challenges for the next phase of your business growth.